If you have any question, please get in touch through the Contact page or on the Frog Graham Round Facebook Group

Q: When can I attempt the Frog Graham Round?
A: Anytime you like.  The round is not regulated or constrained by a given authority, so any organisation and safety relevant to your attempt is down to you and you alone.   It goes without saying that conditions on the FGR are more amenable at certain times of the year due to water temperature, also there are times when the bracken is particularly bad and you should bear this in mind

Q: Should I inform anyone of my intention to attempt the Frog Graham Round? 
A: You don't have to, but it goes without saying that you should have informed a friend or relative of your intentions, particularly if you are doing a solo round. It would also be helpful if you let us know via the Contact page prior to your attempt, we'll then be looking out for news!

Q: How do I report my successful completion of the Frog Graham Round?
A: Full details on how to report your successful round is provided on the FGR Club page

Q: Do I have to use a wetsuit?
A: You don't, but it's highly advisable.  Even in the height of summer the lakes can be very cold and if you are not acclimatised to swimming in cold water it can be very dangerous.  The extra few minutes to put on a wetsuit are well worth it.

Q: Are swim aids permissible?
A: Anything that aids your buoyancy and enhances your safety is fine, so pull buoys, inflatable drybags, water wings are all fine.  What is NOT in the spirit of the FGR are paddles or fins, these are performance-enhancing and shouldn't be used.

Q: Do I have to be self-supported?
A: No, the basic ethos of the Frog Graham Round is one of self-support on the fells and in the water, but it's up to YOU to decide how you are going to do it.  As an example, some people prefer company with them on the fells, some like the assurance of a canoe/boat leading them in the water.

Q: Do I have to start at a specific place?
A: Yes, the ethos of the FGR is to start/finish at Keswick's Moot Hall, no matter which direction you go in

Q: What equipment should I have?
A: The suggested equipment list is provided on the Safety page but this is far from exhaustive and is down to individual choice. Basically, anything that will enhance your personal safety and make the day a more enjoyable experience is a good thing.

Q: Do I have to use two wetsuits because of the invasive species risk?
A: Yes please.  The threat of invasive species is a huge concern, so either use two wetsuits or rinse your wetsuit before using it in Crummock Water and Buttermere.  The best place to do this is at the Whinlatter Centre (make sure you know where the tap is) or alternately give it to your road support to do.