On this page you will find links to useful information and websites that may assist you in finding out more or planning your Frog Graham Round


Peter Hayes - Swimhiking

Tim Mosedale's Frog Graham Round Blog



Martyn Price's Frog Graham Round Blog


Jonothan Wright Frog Graham Round Report

My Frog Graham Round

Charmian Heaton Frog Graham Round Report

The Frog Graham Round

Suunto FGR Prediction app

This App is compatible with Suunto Ambit Collection watches and alows you to predict the finishing time during your attempt of the Frog Graham Round


 Charmian Heaton - 009 - 3rd May 2017

Charmian Heaton - 009 - 3rd May 2017

Swim Secure Products

Swim Secure® products are designed for open water swimmers to BE SAFER and BE SEEN as well as providing waterproof storage during your swim.


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